The festival


Have you met Celestí, Contesporles’ mascot?

One day he left his secret hideout looking for adventures and found a pencil…then everything started.

If you share with us about the pleasure for:

– reading

folk and literary tales

– art and culture

– the beauty of a fantastic natural environment

… …then, you will love Contesporles International Story Festival!

Can you image a festival with a whole village as a stage?

Contesporles is set in public locations (squares, streets, ceremony and exhibition rooms, library, schools etc.), as well as in business spaces (bars, restaurants and shops), private ones (homes, cloisters and gardens) and also in the natural surroundings (mountain routes, springs, properties and legendary places).

Dream, oral tradition, team work.

Contesporles International Story Festival takes place in Esporles through the support and commitment of the Asociación Cultural Contesporles and all the neighbors of this small Majorcan village set in Serra de Tramontana. Everyone dives into a stimulating atmosphere starred by the tale, where the lively activities are enhanced by the stages.

Our initiative is based on the voluntary spirit of many residents that drive this project with enthusiasm, generosity, imagination and professionalism.

Through Contesporles we aim to:

– To promote the literary tradition and creation focused on the oral storytelling.

– To spread popular tales.

– To stimulate a taste for reading.

– To contribute to declare Esporles as a Municipio Lector (Reading town).

– To promote the participation of the civil society in cultural programs.

– To support the cultural exchange by literary and artistic creation in people from around the world.

Would you like to know more about the International Story Festival?

Four biennial editions since 2013.
More than 280 activities scheduled as of now.
Around 17.000 people have enjoyed a plethora of tales and activities since the first Contesporles.
An average of 70 volunteers has made possible each festival edition.

We are proud that festival visitors value Contesporles so positively.

Lídia Clua Serra

I think it’s a nice project to share tales and stories with adults and kids. In addition, this initiative turns Esporles into the tales’ capital, into one of the main cultural landmarks for Majorca.

Two magical days that bring people closer to the stories in very original stages chosen by the organization, such as the homes of the locals.

I’m from Esporles and I participate actively to the cultural life of the village. I contributed to the first Contesporles edition with a street show. In that time, I was studying theatre and I could support it by doing the thing that I liked the most.

I’ve also enjoyed the event as audience and it’s amazing to see people expressing their gratitude for this voluntary event, that originated from the base and where all of us are involved. I’m happy to see Esporles in its highest essence!

Lluki Portas

Nívola Uyá

I didn’t hesitate to work with Contesporles in 2017 because this initiative is interesting, it has a participatory approach model and it can make a whole village get involved in the excitement of the tales, the poetry and the literature. How couldn’t I join it?


See how the last festival was.


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